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Introduction to The Method

The Bartholomew Method - Holistic body therapy to give ease to your body and your mind.

The Bartholomew Method is custom-designed to flush your body of lactic/uric acid buildup and lymphatic pooling. Our multiple herbal heat packs will stimulate your circulation and break down toxicity in your body. Our hot stones will target heat directly to the congestion in your problem areas. It’s a full body/mind overhaul (Psycho-Structural Balancing). The Method - Your health solution!

Whether you’re looking for healthy lifestyle maintenance or looking for the maximum level of bodywork to address site-specific issues arising in your body, The Method will realign your major meridians and balance your body and mind.

The Method

The Method is a full body overhaul. This thorough re-balancing of the psycho-structural system uses multiple herbal heat packs and multiple sets of stones, rotated throughout the treatment.

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The Bartholomew Method - 7 Series

The Bartholomew Method 7 series is seven treatments.

Purchasing this package saves you 10%


Targeted Treatments


Sean Bartholomew

Let us take you apart and put you back together!

Sean Bartholomew - innovator, pioneer, trailblazer.  Sean has spent over twenty years unraveling the mysteries of the human body and developing a one-of-a-kind therapy - The Bartholomew Method. As a Holistic Body Therapist, practicing his own style of psycho-structural balancing and transformational body-mind realignment, Sean uses a combination of techniques in his sessions including heat and herbal heat packs. 


Sean is no ordinary “massage therapist.” He produces significant, life-changing results using The Bartholomew Method. Whether you choose to target a specific area or completely deconstruct your body-mind connection, Sean is a Master of Body Therapy, a practitioner so skilled at his Method, clients leave his table feeling renewed, repaired, and remade.

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