With stones heated to a staggering 165 degrees... the results are indisputable!

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Let us take you apart and put you back together!

Sean Bartholomew

Sean's Bartholomew Method is so healing and relaxing!

Linda B. YELP

The Bartholomew Method is a holistic body therapy designed to flush the body of lactic/uric acid buildup and lymphatic pooling. Multiple herbal heat packs are used to stimulate circulation and break down toxicity. Hot stones are used as a tool to target heat in problematic areas due to congestion. A full body/mind overhaul (psycho-structural balancing). The Method addresses multiple problematic areas.
It is the maximum level of bodywork and addresses ongoing problematic site-specific issues. Ideal for healthy lifestyle maintenance The Method realigns major meridians (the freeway systems of the body) and balances the body and mind.


The Method

The Method is a full body overhaul. This thorough re-balancing of the psycho-structural system uses multiple herbal heat packs and multiple sets of stones, rotated throughout the treatment. One "Add-in" and hot stone reflexology assessment and appraisal included.

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Infrared Sauna

Detoxify: Our Infrared sauna reaches up to a temperature of 150 degrees. It raises the core body temperature to a deep, detoxifying sweat at a cellular level, where most toxins reside. Infrared saunas are slightly different than a dry heat or steam sauna because it heats you internally.

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Targeted Treatments

Targeted Modality Treatments - can be a single treatment or "Add -in" to The Method within the same time. Customize your Method by "Adding-On" Targeted Treatments with extra time, or isolate them to a half hour single session. Address the issues you have going on in your body!

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The Bartholomew Method - 7 Series

The Bartholomew Method 7 series is seven Reconstruct Sessions. Purchasing this package saves you 10%.

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